Absolutely brilliant

Great professionalism right from the start
November 16, 2016
Like a friend helping us
November 16, 2016

The migration agent we used goes by the name of Joan Cuss and she is absolutely brilliant. She was a pleasure to deal with right from the start and is extremely professional and effective. She really knows her stuff. We engaged her services towards the end of July last year on the recommendation of a friend of ours who had been accepted at around that time, thanks to Joan. She told us right up front what our chances were and that she would not charge us a cent until we had completed the prerequisites – English tests, skills assessment etc. Her belief is that it is not ethical to take on clients whom she does not believe she can get accepted, which is in strong contrast to our previous agents who took our money upfront and then had us on the wrong visa applications and doing the wrong tests, and generally delivered very poor service for 5 years or more without much progress towards our application.

Less than a year with Joan and we have been accepted – on a better visa – even though i’m less than a month away from being too old to have the points to qualify.

Do not hesitate to contact Joan and hear what she has to say, you won’t be disappointed.