Our website is user-friendly and has been designed to provide heaps of useful information, and detailed links to assist the inexperienced-user who might be wanting to learn more about Australian migration, or possible pathways that best suit your circumstances. Connect with us if there is something missing that you need help with– – we don’t promise to have all the answers but we pride ourselves on delivering a service which provides direct access, and is more client-oriented.


Allows you to remain for a limited duration e.g. tourism; visiting relatives; studying; working; international development and medical treatment.


Covers four basic categories and they’re all for the long haul:

  • Economics – including skills, qualifications, work opportunity, investment etc.
  • Family and relationships
  • Special eligibility
  • Refugee or humanitarian purposes.

There are more than 150 different Australian visas, which are known as “subclasses”, each of which has special eligibility criteria.

Its impossible to advise on the “right” visa for you without a much deeper understanding of who you are, your circumstances, family needs and wishes etc. and its obviously impracticable to simplify that type of advice within a few pages and the limitations of our website.

If you’re up for some research of your own – head down to the bottom tool bar and peruse our fact sheets they’re easy to read and they have heaps of information regarding eligibility and what each migration pathway might mean for you.