While the processing duration of your visa is out of your control, some mistakes with paperwork and required tasks can delay the authorization of the visa or worse, cause the application to be denied.

It is critical that you avoid any mistakes when applying for a visa as they can deal a devastating blow to your dreams of living, studying, or working in Australia once an application is denied. With that said, the following are tips to avoid serious mistakes that may negatively affect your visa processing time or cause it to be denied.


There is no way of telling how long it will take to acquire a visa. Therefore, collect all of the documents you require as soon as you decide to visit Australia. Waiting for an invitation to apply to start getting your documents together may cause you to fail to meet document presentation deadlines. This may delay the process or cause an application rejection.


Properly fill all your application documents: A truthful and complete visa application Australia not only increases your chances of visa approval but also helps enhance the processing time. Therefore, make sure you completely fill your forms, lodge all the required documents, and avoid telling lies.


How quickly you respond to a request of providing additional information and documentation plays a great role in determining the visa processing time. The quicker you respond the faster the processing. What’s more, quick responses will sit well with your case officer, as he/she will realize that you are keen in acquiring a visa and will surely put that into consideration.