Can we hurry the Department up, they have been taking ages?

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    Trevor Cuss

    Definitely not. Any Reputable Migration Agent who says they can, is not only stating a mistruth they are also breaching the Migration Agent’s the Code of Conduct. And beware of any “agent” insinuating they are friends with Departmental staff and they have the inside track to assist and get some lenience to ‘fast-track’ – you also don’t want to be party to any suggestions of obtaining special favours from Departmental officers, as this smells of corruption and could result in a refusal and worse still a ban. Visas are only GRANTED when the Regulations are met, and the Department is satisfied that a valid application has been lodged. They are nobody’s entitlement or ‘right’ and the Australian Government doesn’t owe you any favour. You are not one of their “clients”, and they won’t be harried …or hurried or negotiated with. You have been cautioned – so please don’t ask or push us either.

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