How long do I have to stay on my SC820 (provisional partner visa) before I can apply for permanent residency?

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    Trevor Cuss

    The SC820 (provisional) partner visa precedes the permanent SC 801-partner visa.

    Once you have been granted your SC820 visa, the DIBP will seek further confirmation of your genuine and ongoing relationship approximately 20 to 21 months after the date of your application for your SC 820 visa, unless the Department was previously satisfied that your relationship is long term, in which case they may grant your permanent visa earlier.

    DIBP will require evidence that your relationship is a continuing and that you and your partner continue to live together.

    Once DIBP receives appropriate evidence and is satisfied as to the genuineness of your relationship is, it will usually grant the permanent SC801 visa shortly after the effluxion of the two-year period following the date of your initial application. As with any visa application, the processing time the Department takes to expedite the second stage of the partner visa may vary, but that processing time should be in accordance with the processing guidelines which you can obtain from the Department or their website.

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