I have three passports can I travel on two of them to be able to get more than 2 working holiday visas (SC417)?

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    Trevor Cuss

    There are no provisions for someone to use a dual passport and seek a further Working Holiday Visa, after 2 prior visas. The regulations allow for an individual who meets all the other visa requirements to be granted 2 separate working holiday (SC417) visas – if the appropriate regional work (e.g. fruit picking) is completed during the first SC417 visa period. The Department views breaches of the legislation very seriously and the Department won’t hesitate to impose a three year ban on a person who makes a fraudulent application, even if they are using a second (different) passport. In a worst case scenario, it’s even possible that the DIBP may regard such action as constituting identity fraud and ban you, as the applicant from applying for any other visa type for a period of 10 years.

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