Which is the “best way” to get permanent residence?

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    Trevor Cuss

    A Skilled Independent Visa grant means you become a full Australian permanent resident, without having to rely on a local employer, and without any obligations attached to the visa, such as having to be employed for a certain period etc.

    The “Skilled independent” visas include the SC189 (Skilled Independent) Visa and the SC190 (State Nominated) visas.
    Skilled independent migration is designed for “skilled applicants”, with recognized qualifications, significant work experience and a high level of competency in English.

    The application process is rigorous and the points test is critical in that regard – possibly even more important than you obtaining a positive skills assessment from the relevant assessment body.

    State or territory nomination is also important particularly if you’re short on points (applicants need a minimum of 60 points to pass the points test for Skilled Independent visas).

    SC189 visas do not require State or Territory nomination, but they have a more narrowly focused occupation list (called the SOL) from which nominate your occupation.

    Both visa pathways have similar steps for a successful application, namely:

    • An accurate points test result – with a resulting score of a minimum 60 points (or more)
    • A positive skills assessment (in your nominated occupation by the recognised assessment body)
    • Lodgement of an Expression of Interest (EOI)
    • Receipt of an invitation from SkillSelect to apply for the relevant visa
    • Lodgement of the visa application AND
    • (+ Obtaining a State Nomination if your applying for a SC190 visa).
      The SC190 requires State/Territory nomination and you may nominate any occupation from the CSOL provided the occupation is also on the relevant State Occupation List for the relevant/desired State/Territory.
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